The West Point Jewish Chapel Fund invites you to become part of Jewish American history. Please help demonstrate our pride in Jewish cadets who have volunteered to serve our nation as they undergo four years of rigorous education and training in preparation for leading soldiers in the U.S. Army. 

Monetary contributions support cadets with Shabbat and holiday meals, fund outreach trips to local communities, and help maintain the Chapel as a sacred space and welcoming respite from the pressures of cadet life.

The most effective way to support Jewish cadets is by donating to the West Point Jewish Chapel Fund. The Fund is run completely by volunteers, with only one full-time employee who provides direct support to the chaplain, cadets, chapel, and overall Jewish community. Jewish cadets would be grateful for your participation and support in any or all of these ways:

  • Make an unrestricted donation of any size.
  • Sponsor meals such as an Oneg Shabbat, Seder, or Torah study lunch.
  • Sponsor trips or activities such as Jewish Warrior Weekend, plebe retreat, or college Hillel visit.
  • Sponsor or arrange for a Jewish Chapel Choir visit to your synagogue or other Jewish organization.
  • Sponsor cadet attendance at lay leader training.
  • Donate to a designated chapel need as a tribute to a loved one.
  • Include the West Point Jewish Chapel Fund in your estate plan.
  • Visit West Point, see the chapel, attend a service, and meet Jewish cadets.

Donations are welcomed online and by mail to:
West Point Jewish Chapel Fund
P.O. Box 84
West Point, NY 10996

For more information on ways to support Jewish life at West Point, please contact us for more details.