Who We Are


The West Point Jewish Chapel Fund is guided by a Board of Directors, the majority of whom are West Point graduates who benefitted themselves from the robust Jewish community facilitated by the Fund. The 25-member Board meets several times each year with the West Point Jewish Chaplain, participates in cadet activities, and attends the annual Baccalaureate service for graduating cadets. One full-time employee provides direct support to the chaplain, cadets, chapel, and overall Jewish community. 

The board welcomes your input. Please send any questions or concerns to wpjcf@outlook.com.

Please help the board raise the funds needed to sustain strong Jewish programming for today's Corps of Cadets.


West Point Jewish Chapel Fund Leadership

  • Jeffrey Jacobs, Major General (Retired), Class of 1979

  • Terry Bresnick, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), Class of 1969

  • Treasurer

    Scott Lichtenberg

  • Executive VP

    Sherwood (Woody) Goldberg, Colonel (Retired)

  • Secretary & Communications Director

    Elizabeth Robbins, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), Class of 1992

  • VP For Cadet Activities

    Ben Wallen, Colonel, Class of 1996

  • VP for Facilities & Grounds

    Glenn Goldman, Colonel (Retired), Class of 1984

  • Chapel Curator

    Robert Wolff, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), Class of 1965

  • Founder and Chairman Emeritus

    Lou Gross, Class of 1954

  • Chairman Emeritus

    Robert Rosenkranz, Major General (Retired), Class of 1961

  • Melanie Ullah

Board Members

  • Alan Beitler, Colonel (Retired) Class of 1977
  • Benjamin Breslauer, Jr., Class of 1954
  • Tim R. Cohen, Senior Vice President, Hillel International
  • Lawrence M. Davis, Class of 1971
  • Martin L. Ganderson, Colonel (Retired), Class of 1961     
  • Peter D. Gleichenhaus, Colonel (Retired), Class of 1961  
  • Scott Handler, Lieutenant Colonel, Class of 2000
  • Brad Harrison, Class of 1994
  • Cindy Jebb, Brigadier General (Retired), Class of 1982      
  • Ramona Jones, Captain, Class of 2005             
  • Joel Kampf, Class of 1959
  • Andrew Lotwin, Class of 1985
  • Jonathan Luttwak, Class of 1999
  • William M. Medof, Class of 1994
  • David S. Niekerk, Class of 1978  
  • Elad N. Yoran, Class of 1991